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"What, please sit down! You like France do dishes If you do not like, another Beijing cuisine and jinghuaishi ready in the room. "It is not like a religious House of the luxury. Sakya and is hard to imagine Jesus Christ has ever tried such an expensive restaurant.

Snow plume translation later, concluded that such a message: Emperor, you bring the Sonning, has been settled. But he is a cunning exceptions, usually never showed the slightest anomalies.

"Lover wants to go home to see their parents, not to come. Do not wronged dead in the East under the sword. "Statement, Hao wrist gently pull the reins, man and horse into a light smoke, to extremely elegant gesture, but an incredible speed, into the enemy position.

But gone, he begins to worry about, just blood have boasted about what one can do, now the blood retreats, but the headaches how to find a simply in the vast sea of monsters. Although this is difficult, but now that the word is out, can only support it.

"Dragon-the Dragon. Lanzideer the woman the previous phone was reported, this really is not a mortal! "If he is just a man, really want to cultivate him as our agent. At least to reach the degree of Sheng Tang. Muffled laughter ships fly over the clouds formed in the Interior. Sheng Tang tried to put on a smiling face, but he failed, I saw his stiff cheeks. One of the great King pleasure watching this man with a slightly spicy, gently raised one hand, seem meant to appease him.

So when Chen Tongshun when it comes to this issue, he wants to not think of nodding agreed.

Forum is a sound of applause, that the new measures could significantly increase the intensity of unlimited competition, games are more intense, more exciting, the life insurance The Golden Elixir is a panegyric, says is the second life, making you more without scruples.

Red Beard was shouting out "I admire your courage, but courage is not able to win in the battle. Situation is very uncertain now, you surrender, I forgive you do not die. "Red Beard began to play mind games, Red Beard, aspect is famous for sea pirates, does have a. "Your engaged me with a three-masted armed sailing ship, apparently die. Your new master does not bring you security, but get your life right away into danger, dare I say, your city is stupid and cowardly. He got you into this dangerous, now where is he Not hiding in the city a safe place you hard for him Such a stupid and cowardly city, are worthy of your loyalty to you The sailors looked at each other. They might think I am stupid, or crazy, but they don't think my cowardice. Be red beards called these cities, but I'm not too angry, ' war is quite normal. Being over her lines, a giant ROAR, a ship sailing in England suffered from a meteor shower of poisoning, severe burn. I bang stupid head. "I also didn't think the lines are, dare you to steal my Thunder What you want to burn should also be of a cheaper medium boats. "Innocent and looked at me, my ears of the increase going to twist it, scaring the loose on the ship. Now, temporarily put it, twist it ears have many opportunities in the future.

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Yinkui sent do for Magic door strength most powerful of handed down in a direct line from the master faction, has magic door most badly of collection, days magic strategy, each a bit Yin Kwai sent main are not haore of role, like now sent main Yin Hou Zhu yuyan, apart from on magic door does not who master evil Wang of Xuan slightly some afraid zhiwai, on other people has never are does not know fear why real, more what can heard also has a bit disciples days magic stiff gas xiuwei more wins a surname main, she is magic door Cenozoic odd material, and Datang Dragon zhiwuyang and Xu Ziling has dont road unknown relationship of peerless enchanting, coil up coil up.

Xie Wendong sighed, sitting up from the bed, just took out a cigarette, the phone rang. Phone is hiding in the dark gold eyes. "East, three men entered the hotel, ten is a killer. "" Oh! "Xie Wendong believes gold eyes eyes, because he is the killer is a man. Killer is the mysterious, always hiding in a dark corner, to say who can understand the killer, killer that freedom itself. Xie Wendong asks: "Ma Feng did not come Golden eye: "there is no! Only three of them, I will not be wrong! Xie Wendong meitouyizhou, look up eyes well, the brain quickly turning, wondering what in the Ma Feng note that stood before slowly said: "let them come in! "Promised a gold eye, inform the other waited for brother. 20 members of the blood to kill had laid an ambush in the hotel is good, maple, and did not expect big fish without bait, fishing only to three little shrimp.

Also, temujin to reform themselves, there was a new understanding. Play kill kill, is not the best way, humans also have strong, one day, planted by the demon will try to consequences and become the Party of losers.

If Apple can heart flutter, Chhnuor, tight mouth, eyes cast out the strong light, elegant and delicate appearance, suddenly filled with the beauty of the magnificent men.

"Die! "Crack in Dahe full of silk-like spirit magic, to secretly attack the enemy. At the same time, the dragon slayer seem to swallow the spit splash hit followed a xuanao route between ECU face.

?After Shaw, Deputy Director of and Professor Li further explained, Li Yuan finally understand Joe Secretary called "bandits" and so-called bandits and some of those people contact. Ha Tay Province since each dynasty dynasties are underdeveloped regions, in the territory of the province's mountainous and mountainous soil is not good, lower crop yields than people living difficult. Mountainous places, people tend to be fast brave I like this movie, if there are corrupt officials and local tyrants and evil gentry victimize the village people, common people under the wall, only a get away to the mountains for the bandits, said in the novel "cateran", doing something against oppression against corrupt officials to rob the rich to feed the poor. These people are heroes in the eyes of the common people, in the eyes of the rulers or local despotic gentry, of course, is the Bandit. Because nowhere else to get away to the mountains of the heroes and the real outlaw Bandit it is difficult to define clearly, with the passage of time, official guided by conscious, unified "bandits" to call this term. Only when people have steelyards, which Hill was Archie, which Hill is really bandits.

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  That four-person body shaking, are afraid to catch the atmosphere. When they see Xie Wendong have such a temper, was killed when the House is just talk and laugh.

  "For so many years, you still remain with this one. ”

  Low low Sleep talking Dragon gave a scared at Fung Mo hastened from floating away in the accounts.

  Captured not attempting to escape, are not protected by this Ordinance.

  Thieves drive gold iron set off to fly a small iron box lid of the box below, I thought he was more gems, can lid flew out, but is exposed to the bad bad smile son white. Jin Guangzhong thieves probably this close observation of human for the first time, has made the sound of a scream, even spell attacks are forgotten.

  "Uncle bones, since the transaction has already completed and North market rules, I don't want to talk to you to find houzhang. But hope you can set for this leather thing my father told me about, it certainly happened to me prior to the spirits and ghosts, haven't heard my father mention, so I would like to know. Might be able to find some clues to my father was killed, his own xiuwei game, specially set for leather to you must have been his intention. "Chong Li stopped the son of white continued and bone wood accounts, he is most concerned about is his father, everything else doesn't matter. Listen to Lee Chong, Gong Zibai stopped shouting and porcelain, put you all not to tell my little brother is not finished with you posture of staring bones such as firewood.

  "Brother snow feather should be Savior of my mother, called to me is wrong. "Han Jinmu and mild laughs:" but the snow plume brother should know, my style not going to beat about the Bush, has always been the issue rather than the person. And ask in person, than now affectionate and stab the gentleman, do you say? ”

  Snow plume smiled but was noncommittal.

  And high strength with time, Xie Wendong will not see his thoughts, a vibration, laughs: "strong, have anything to say, don't be hesitant. ”   High strength and a wry smile: "can't really hide from everything East of brother eye. Two things, one is the affair of the East, is the Club's business. ”   Xie Wendong madao laughing: "you where those who rubbish, what official Affairs, say it out together. ”   High strength: "East brother, your father was laid off. ”   "What? "Xie Wendong Leng, and couldn't help but smile face unward sound just laughed at, laughed at himself. Its one year did not go home, as the son of man, not about filial piety, even do not know his father laid off, also need to be told. Not that he didn't want to go home, but can't. What parents don't want their children behave above board, but he just chose a dark road. Faced with their parents, he dont feel guilty. Not home, is just a COP-out. This may that even he does not know, he is not willing to think about. Xie Wendong swing swing head, laughed and asked: "how much money do I have? ”

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In order to thank you and enthusiastic support, entity after the publication of progress more than the public version of the book, updated. Take care of the interests of publishers and authors on the one hand, on the other hand give you an explanation. Looking already have more than more than 100 books from the shelves in this deleted, author of the heart does not know how much pain! Also, in order to book more exciting and hope that friends around occurred ghost stories, folklore, or their ideas E-mail me. Email is my MSN. Once adopted will provide preview new footage!

Ciuda thanked you!
~ Hill-up to two sons ~ See my girlfriend scream the subject: "neither you a son, and how there's two sons, was mentally ill. If you are not sick, that you bastards! "Then put on a Chinese torture chamber story, his searching soul Dafa, is bound to be torn from physical to spiritual authors fully again. Even so, the author still indomitable spirit in the usual practice of the Admiralty cover Chi iron cloth shirt, plus baguazhen of nursing under the protection of, hard on the keyboard to complete the short of the fraud clicks.

"Baby, really nice. "Li Ran Hao also do not forget to reward hard reminded his Rui whatever will happen next, be it is a disgrace of the little girl.

Such equipment and defense, also indirectly help Yu Fei and clear to your upcoming tasks are important contact.

In that case, smelling taught thousands of people to war soldiers to attack Zheng, is have a lot of chances.

Right thinking continues: "Xiang Yang has six arms, Nanyang has four arms, is apart from the hundreds of war Goblin kin, but holds many lessons is only half of the garrison, was stationed all over the County, juncheng within only one army troops!

According to right thinking about, Xiangyang in six armies, order under Fu ji is very mediocre, often right thinking to the Anlu, two army Army South, another army to County operations.

Legend the city was destroyed by the war, Coalition forces attack into the Palace, in fighting near the end when black sandstorms must finish together with the city's residents the army, buried deep in the sand with indifference. Until the 19th century, moved to tracts of desert.

Ye Hao puzzled: "what Dragon Pool Red Sun real person does not answer, is: "you know in the future. Comfort Ye Hao days: "Shi Shumo worry, you just sleep a day, delay time, let me think about it there's no way. Red Sun real aiming his eye: "you this guy, just to understand it. I just now, go blind every day around, keep the seeds, they will not kill me in less than three years. Alas! Live one day. No longer say what Ye Hao days, go back. Red Sun real people look at him constantly shaking my head and sighed, "Oh, so young, and that's final!

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Abnormal environment damp heat. We are as far as the eye can reach, is a rich green, long, eyes that flooding, to advances in high density plants of Plexus, but engineering shovel at the front by the fat man with open-circuit, followed by I and Shirley Dr, mosquito bite, old vine-ridden hard in the Valley. �� Than up Chinese Wistaria class plant of hinder, maximum of plagued from Yu Valley dark Department of mosquito, these jungle in the of Vampire, less said has a dozen a type, droves, desperate to to people who-bashing, we had to to carry with of garlic and aircraft grass, stamp into juice wipe in body exposed of parts Shang, fortunately Choi Inn boss to we some locals special of anti-mosquito water, also can up to must of role, though is has these drive mosquito of things, still is bites has several mouth, bites to of local immediately swelling, became very hard of, Tentacle shengteng, tumor-like long powder. �� Shirley Yeung said thank God, the mosquito is not large, toxicity is not much, here, after all, is not a tropical rain forests, toxic mosquito in the Amazon rain forest, is the true vampire demon in the jungle, and is very toxic, but that kind of toxicity of fierce evil mosquitoes, are afraid of garlic, the weaknesses and the legend of the vampire in Europe coincide. �� Valley in the so dense of plant, is no surprised we unexpected, although in "offered King tomb" construction of when, originally here should is section to out building of "Shinto", all of material are to after here transport to inside, but has has later has 2000 years, so long of years in the, Valley in the may will occurs shaking of changes, built King tomb Shi is felled clean of vegetation layer, again again growth, to "Shinto" of remains all cover erosion. �� But still can see, as constantly of in-depth, artificial building of traces increasingly more, ground Shang from time to time show some collapsed of stone, and stone people, these are is King tomb Shinto on both sides of of stone, see was out offered King tomb and other's Tomb as, are specially established tomb Qian of "Shinto", for descendants to out building sacrifice visits, but offered King probably no thought, he died does not to 78 of scene, he of territory subjects, including he of home ancient Yunnan country, on are into has Han room of map, spent huge human material, Taiwan business's Tomb built, can only remain in the dark depths of the Valley, always be dust in the corner of history, only those of us "touch gold Xiao Wei", despite the difficulties and obstacles, came to visit him. �� Through a layer Layer plant with, go has three or four head, finally in front found has a blocking residual wall of site, this is legend in the of first road dike wall, now only left three m more thick, two m to high of rammed earth Shitai, above also also cover has a layer weed, only some show Green section stone of local, only no growth plant, due to only left a small segment, looks pour more as is a seat green of mound, with a tomb of seal mound as, hybrid in Valley of jungle Zhijian, without Shirley Dr be sharp-eyed, And here we walked past. ��

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